Anti-Corruption Policy & Whistleblowing

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Anti-Corruption Policy

 Anti-corruption policy is regulated in a company’s code of conduct that was published in 2008, in article 6, paragraph 3 which states: Avoid receiving kickbacks, unofficial commissions, gifts etcetera. The entire board and the company's employees are committed to avoid actions that could lead to bad business decisions such as bribery, unauthorized commission, accept gifts or extraordinary entertainment as well as practice of corruption, collusion and nepotism.





Until now, the whistleblowing system implemented in the Company does not have a special team yet on reporting handling. But any reporting of any irregularities will be handled by the Internal Audit Division. The scope of the reporting handling by Internal Audit are investigation and follow-up of any incoming reporting form.

Internal Audit Division has conducted socialization about the existence of policy reporting system or whistleblowing system through placement of standing banner in area seen by consumer, contractor, supplier and others.

The Company provides several options and mechanisms to all parties to make complaints on the existence of irregularities and/or violations such as through sms hotline at number 0857-1616-2015 and email to