8 March 2018

Ciputra World 1 Jakarta Achieves “Greenship Certification New Building”

Green Building Council Indonesia (GBCI) awarded the “Greenship New Building” certification at “Gold” rating to Ciputra World 1 Jakarta office building, on Thursday (8/3). This certification is awarded by considering the environmentally-friendly aspects of architecture, landscaping, engineering, contracting and building management.

The award ceremony and certification took place at DBS Tower Lobby, attended by Artadinata Djangkar as Ciputra Group Director, Naning Adiwoso as Chairperson of GBC Indonesia, and a number of staff from both institutions.

In his speech, Naning said that from the beginning Ciputra Group has shown support and concern for environmentally friendly buildings. The commitment is in line with the Government of Indonesia’s program that targets a 29 percent reduction in emissions by 2030.

“Obviously to achieve the target, the Government of Indonesia has made various efforts to implement the emission reduction program. One of which is encouraged is to increase the presence of green buildings. With the increasing number of green buildings, it will contribute significantly to the reduction of environmental emissions, “he said.

Based on data from Green Building Council Indonesia, until now the total growth of Greenship Building certification in Indonesia has increased significantly. The number of Greenship buildings in Indonesia reaches 33 building units and is expected to continue to grow.

“It should also be noted that there are studies that suggest that the application of green concept in green building is positively correlated with health aspects. If the human is healthy, then the productivity increases, “said Naning.

On the other hand, Artadinata Djangkar in his speech thanked the award and certification from Green Building Council Indonesia. According to Arta, the discourse on this green building has appeared since 2008. Since then, Ciputra Group as one of the major developers in Indonesia also apply the concept of “Green Building” in every project.

“This demonstrates Ciputra Group’s strong commitment to care for people and the environment. In the process, we also ask for input from consultants, architects, and others. Finally, we thank you, “said Arta.

(Text and Photo by Boni Pramudya)

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