1 November 2017

CitraGrand Cibubur CBD Officially Launched

Ciputra Group officially launched its new masterpiece, CitraGrand Cibubur CBD in Cibubur area. CitraGrand Cibubur CBD is set to become the first prestigious area in Cibubur that integrates a classy residence with the largest business center.

CitraGrand Cibubur CBD is a form of sustainability of Ciputra Group’s vision in developing Cibubur area as a satellite city and self-supporting city, which has been one of the main supporters of DKI Jakarta in terms of occupancy. As an integrated and modern area, CitraGrand Cibubur CBD which carries the concept of “Redefined Modern Living” has a total area of ​​about 100 hectares. CitraGrand Cibubur CBD has a very strategic location and excellent accessibility as it is only 10 minutes from Cibubur exit toll, 10 minutes from Cibubur LRT station (operating 2018) and 3 minutes from new Cimanggis-Cibitung ramp toll (operating 2019).

To make this CitraGrand Cibubur CBD more interesting, the project will also develop an integrated, largest and most comprehensive business area consisting of shopping areas, commercial areas, culinary tourism areas, health and beauty facilities, and educational facilities, which will also be developed by Ciputra Group.

CitraGrand Cibubur CBD not only offers a very comfortable residential and the only residential area that combines the beauty of lakes, gardens and hills and will be planted with more than 1,000 trees.

In addition to CitraGrand Cibubur CBD, there is no residential development in Cibubur which is located merged with the largest business and commercial center and the most complete in Cibubur.

CitraGrand Cibubur CBD will have more than 60 hectares of classy residential with 40 hectares of area prepared as a commercial area.

Eight (8) advantages of CitraGrand Cibubur CBD include:
1. Master Plan Concept of an integrated residential area of ​​approximately 100 hectares, equipped with the largest and most comprehensive business area in Cibubur
2. Strategic location since it can be accessed from 5 toll booths namely: Cibubur, Cimanggis, Jatiwarna, Jatiasih and Cimanggis-Cibitung
3. Prime accessibility, with various modes of transportation: LRT Cibubur-Cawang-Dukuh Atas, Busway, Shuttle Bus, and JR Connexion.
4. The largest business and commercial area in Cibubur is 40 hectares, equipped with business and shopping area, culinary tourism area, commercial area, health and beauty facility, education area (Ciputra University, among others).
5. Comfortable, green and modern residential area with beautiful and green environment, open space, hills and lakes.
6. Complete city facilities to create life with a modern lifestyle, as it comes with a variety of city facilities
7. Investment guarantees are profitable.
8. Developed Ciputra Group trusted developer.

“The Ciputra Group is launching this new project considering the huge number of new access and infrastructure developments in Cibubur, which will make Cibubur a new growth hub in South Jakarta. We believe that projects targeting middle-high family will be greeted very enthusiastically by all Cibubur community in particular and Jabodetabek society in general. To develop the CitraGrand Cibubur CBD and Cibubur CBD project, we are investing around Rp 3 trillion, “stated Harun Hajadi as Managing Director of Ciputra Group.

Currently, there are two clusters and 1 shop complex that has been marketed in CitraGrand Cibubur CBD namely Cluster Fraser Park, Cluster The Lagoon Residence, and shop Marquette. Fraser Park and The Lagoon Residence are two modern clusters located at the forefront with direct access to the main road, while the Marquette shop is strategically located, at the CitraGrand Cibubur CBD boulevard overlooking the main street.

Cluster Fraser Park
Cluster Fraser Park has an area of ​​5 hectares with a total occupancy of about 285 units. In addition to access to Boulevard Cibubur CBD main road, Cluster Fraser Park location is also very close to various facilities such as Ciputra University, commercial area, fitness and health center, culinary area, and lifestyle center. Each residence in the cluster consists of two floors with 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 2 bathrooms, 1 dining room, carport and garden, and has one gate system with security guard for 24 hours. The offered price starts at Rp 830 million per unit.

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