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The Company’s concern for the environment and community aims at creating harmonious relationship with environment, values, norms, and local community culture as stipulated in the Law No.40 of 2007 Section 74 on Limited Liability Company regarding the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The Company’s effort to show its commitment and initiatives of corporate social responsibility through the implementation of a wide range of programs that consist of social and community development including aspects of religious, health, social, culture, education and environment.


Religious Aspect

In 2015, the Company through its subsidiaries was more active in conducting various religious activities compared to the previous year. The activities consisted of break fasting with the orphaned children from various orphanages, providing compensation for orphaned children during Ramadhan, donating on sacrificial animals, providing worship equipment, donating for worship places construction (mosque and church) in several areas as well as conducting social services at orphanage on Christmas day. A total of Rp906,266,542 has been allocated by the Company to realize CSR programs in religious aspect.


Health Aspect

In 2015, the Company held routine activities in its project areas such as conducting blood donor activity in cooperation with Indonesian Red Cross Organization, and also providing free mass circumcisions, free medical treatment and examination, medical equipment for several villages, handing donation to the orphanage as well as social services. In addition to that, the Company and its subsidiaries also actively participated in the sponsorship program with health themed events such as healthy walk and mass gymnastics. A total of Rp61,735,450 has been allocated by the Company to realize CSR program in health aspect.


Social Aspect

The Company also participated in supporting various social activities in the villages, districts and even in the provincial level, including road improvement at Jonggol-Cileungsi, donations to various orphanages and natural disasters’ victims, the provision of daily needs groceries for the less fortunate communities surround the project areas, International Labor Day aid in many places, donations to many villages regarding the Indonesia’s 70th Independence Day celebration, procurement of tables and chairs for village office, village cash donation, clean water plumbing at villages and the construction of village’s gate. A total of Rp2,644,962,546 has been allocated by the Company to realize CSR program in social aspect throughout 2015.


Culture Aspect

In the culture field, the Company participated as main sponsor of various events such as Leather Puppet Show in celebrating the 468th anniversary of Semarang City, The10th Java Heritage, the culture preservation show from literature and culture students of UNIKA Semarang, live music Rock and Blood Music Show. Moreover, the Company and subsidiaries also gave donation to art activities. A total of Rp321,630,242 has been allocated by the Company to realize CSR program in culture aspect throughout 2015.


Education Aspect

As planned, the Company’s CSR programs in 2015 were more focused on training related to entrepreneurship in accordance with Ciputra Group’s commitment to disseminate entrepreneurship in Indonesia. The Company and its subsidiaries have conducted entrepreneurship trainings at the university (University of Ciputra), entrepreneurship trainings for wider communities (University of Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center), free online training of entrepreneurship (University of Ciputra Online Entrepreneurship) and also the development of entrepreneurship learning for kindergarten to high school students. These educations and trainings can be participated by everyone including the students, college students, government officers, academia, businessmen and all entire people in the community. Until now, more than 50,000 people has participated in this education and entrepreneurship training held by Ciputra

Group. Throughout 2015, the University of Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center (UCEC) has conducted various seminars, workshops and entrepreneurship trainings to many areas and institutions such as:

  1. Conducting seminars and entrepreneurship trainings to a number of universities, among others University of Indonesia, University of Atma Jaya, University of Muria Kudus, Wahid Institute, and INHA University. A total of 895 participants attended these seminars and trainings.
  2. Collaborating with Surabaya City Government and Banten Provincial Government to cultivate local community regarding the entrepreneurship.
  3. Collaborating with Indonesian Migrant Labors (BMI) to conduct entrepreneurship workshop to Indonesian Migrant Workers in Hongkong, Korea, and Singapore.
  4. Delivering entrepreneurship training to all members of NU Islamic Boarding Schools in Central Java.
  5. Working closely with a number of institutions, such as theMinistry of Foreign Affairs, Telkom, ThyssennKrupp, GIZ and Founder Institute to conduct entrepreneurship workshop to their internal staff.

The Company has committed to improve the quality of the state and the nation as well as establishing qualified generation through fundraising activities in education aspect which cover facilities improvement of several schools nearby the project areas, providing school facilities in order to support education process and participated in library competition at district and national level. Aside from that, the Company also provides scholarship to the children of the Company’s employees whose good achievements to continue their studies to High School and University. The Company has allocated the amount of Rp732,341,917 in order to implement corporate social responsibility programs in education aspect during 2015.


Environment Aspect

Aside from undertaking activities such as road and environment improvements at headman’s office, the Company and its subsidiaries also conducted drainage cleaning, flood prevention programs as well as rehabilitation of social facilities which were damaged by the flood. In order to preserve the environment and reforestation, the Company also carries out routine activities such as composting organic waste and planting tree seeds.

A. Composting organic waste and plants

Since 2010, Estate Management of CitraGarden City has carried out composting activity, which essentially based on organic waste materials from surrounding CitraGarden City. Each month the compost is used for:

  1. Plants fertilization in CitraGarden City.
  2. Mixed planting media for sowing seeds in CitraGarden City.
  3. Kids farming activities of Citra Kasih Elementary School in Citra 2 Ext.

B. Shade tree nurseries

Since 2013, Estate Management of CitraGarden City has conducted a shade plant seeding at Citra Nursery, where production of the shade trees planting is done by seeding. A total of Rp36,046,500 has been allocated by the Company to realize corporate social responsibility program in environment aspect throughout 2015.