28 April 2017

Corporate Social Responsibilities – Culture Aspect

Culture Aspect

In the culture field, the Company participated as the main sponsor of various events such as the SA TLANTAS Documentary Film Festival, Busan Choral Festival & Competition of SMA 1 Pandaan, Tamana Sagar painting showcase, Rawa Pening Exhibition (The 8th Java Heritage), leather puppet show in celebrating the 467th anniversary of Semarang City, the development of traditional art & culture (Citraland Superfest). Moreover, as a wedding anniversary present of Mr. Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra and Mrs. Dian Sumeler, the Company inaugurated the Ciputra Artpreneur which serves as a forum for Indonesia artists to display their works and aims to promote Indonesian art, both in Indonesia and overseas. As an activity, Artpreneur combines aspects of art and entrepreneurship which can improve the welfare of related industry players. This facility is expected to generate and develop the Indonesian creative industry through activities empowerment on art basis and the greater scope of culture such as fine arts, craftsmanship and design, architectural, performing arts, and musical arts. Located in a multipurpose complex in Ciputra World 1 Jakarta, Ciputra Artpreneur is a first ever integrated arts complex in Indonesia which consists of a gallery, museum and theater. Ciputra Gallery has an area of approximately 1,500 sqm with facilities such as a 60 x 12 meters projection screen. Adjacent to the gallery, there is Ciputra Museum measuring on 700 sqm which serves as an art showcase collection of Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra with a touch of digital innovation. There is also Ciputra Theater room with international standard, a capacity of approximately 1,280 seats and is the highest performance theater (on the 13th floor) in Asia which successfully achieved MURI record.

Education Aspect

As a part of Ciputra Group’s commitment to disseminate entrepreneurial spirit in Indonesia, the Company and its subsidiaries creates an entrepreneurship education at the university level (University of Ciputra), entrepreneurship trainings for the broad communities (University of Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center), free online training of entrepreneurship (Ciputra University Online Entrepreneurship) and also the development of entrepreneurship learning for kindergarten to high school students. These educations and trainings can be participated by everyone including the school students, college students, government officers, academia, businessmen and for all entire people in the community. Until now there are more than 50,000 people who participated in this education and entrepreneurship training held by Ciputra Group. Throughout 2014, the University of Ciputra Entrepreneurship Center (UCEC) has made so many activities such as:

Collaborating with the Government of Surabaya City to provide entrepreneurship training to ex-prostitutes in the Dupak localization area.
Working closely with Bank Mandiri and Korean Embassy Office by creating Entrepenuership training for all the Indonesian workers in Korea.
Conducting a pitching competition with the total investment prize of €1,000,000, where E-Fishery, a start up from Indonesia successfully won the investment prize at the international scale competition in Rotterdam
Cooperating with Ciputra Foundation and GEPI, supported by Bank Mandiri and the US Embassy, organized Get In The Ring 2014 competition at national and regional level. This event was held with the aim of providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with investors, consumers and potential partners.

The Company is committed to improve the quality of the state and the nation as well as to form a qualified generation through various fundraising activities for education that includes infrastructures construction in several schools around the project, and to equip the schools with facilities that supports the education process and also participates in the library competition at a district and national level. Furthermore, scholarships are also given to the employees’ children with good achievements to continue their education to high school and university level. Until the end of 2014, the Company has given the scholarships to 12 high school students and 3 University scholarships.

Environment Aspect

In the environmental aspect, the Company through its subsidiaries undertakes activities such as road improvements, environment improvements in headman’s office and cleaning drains, perform flood prevention programs as well as rehabilitation of social facilities damaged by the flood. In addition, the Company also conducts a routine activity that aims at preserving the environment and reforestation, such as composting of organic waste and planting tree seeds that functions as shades.

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