7 June 2018

PT Ciputra Development Tbk Distributes Rp176.09 Billion Dividend

PT Ciputra. Tbk under the name of shares of CTRA distributes dividends of Rp176.09 billion, or Rp9.5 per share of net profit of fiscal year 2017.

It has been approved in the AGM held Monday, June 4, 2018, at Ciputra Artpreneur Jakarta. Dividends to be launched on July 5, 2018 is worth 19.69 percent of the total net profit of 2017 book year amounted to Rp894, 35 billion.

In 2017, CTRA recorded total revenues of Rp6.4 trillion. Acquisition of revenue segment involving the center of expenditure, hotel, office rent, and hospital reached Rp1, 7 trillion. While the revenue from the property development segment which includes sales of residential houses, shophouses, land, apartments, and office buildings amounted to Rp4, 7 trillion.

Throughout the year 2017 CTRA also has offices in four new residential projects namely Barsa City Yogyakarta, CitraLand Cibubur, CitraLand Tallasa City Makassar, and CitraPlaza Nagoya Batam. This makes it possible to reach CTRA in the business property arena and provide benefits to the local economy.

CTRA President Director Candra Ciputra is optimistic that the financial performance in 2018 will be better than the year, with many demand for backlog sales for revenue recognition this year. This optimism is also to see marketing marketing revenue in the first period of 2018 amounting to Rp1, 6 trillion. The achievement represents 21 percent of the target of marketing sales in 2018 of Rp7, 7 trillion.

“The first achievement of the first year of 2018 is a positive indicator of growth occurred by 33 percent compared to the same period last year. Companies are optimistic to achieve this year’s sales targets for products, broad taps, strong brands, and still growing market demand, “said Candra Ciputra.

Independent Corporate Director Tulus Santoso added, in order to support the target of marketing sales target in 2018, the Company has and will launch several new projects. The newly launched project is Vertu Apartment at Ciputra World Surabaya. New projects will include Newton 2 Apartment at Ciputra World 2 Jakarta, a new township project in Sentul, a new apartment project in Cawang.

Newton 2 apartment in Ciputra World 2 Jakarta consists of 624 units of apartments with an area ranging from 24 square meters to 61 square meters. The new city project in Sentul is a 1,000-hectare cooperation project consisting of residential, apartment and commercial areas. While the new apartment project in Cawang has an area of ​​7 hectares equipped shop and kiosk, with the target segment of the middle and lower market. In addition, several ongoing projects have also launched a new cluster in Citra Maja Raya and a new cluster in CitraRaya Tangerang.

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