30 June 2015


General Meeting of Shareholders Ciputra Group has been taking place in Artpreneur Ciputra, Ciputra World 1 Jakarta with the results of the total dividend of Rp121 M and will be distributed July 31, 2015. The series AGM begins with PT Ciputra Surya Tbk (CTRS), PT Ciputra Property Tbk (CTRP) and summarized by PT Ciputra Development Tbk (CTRA). Ciputra Group is optimistic performance will continue to show growth in line with Indonesia’s economic growth and macro-economic conditions the world. “We are constantly looking for innovation in the face of years of property that is not segemilang era boom a few years ago, but with the support of government through regulations that support the advancement of the property world, we are optimistic that next year will be better” said Candra Ciputra, as CEO of Ciputra Group. CTRS revenue in the year 2014 to reach Rp1,71 T representing an increase of 36% from the previous year amounting to Rp1.26 T. Along with the increase in revenue, net income CTRS also experienced a 31% increase from the previous year Rp399 M to Rp522 M. Subsequently marketing sales recorded down by 48% from the previous year amounting to Rp1.81 T Rp3,23 T be this year. The final result announced CTRS GMS distribute Rp 51.450.485.684, – as dividends to shareholders, which will be paid on July 28, 2015. CTRP performance recorded a rise in revenue and pre-sales in 2014. Revenues achieved reached Rp1,66 T, up 14% from the year 2013 amounting to Rp1.45 T. Marketing sales also experienced a spectacular rise of 191% recorded at IDR1.46 T compared with last year’s Rp Rp502 M. meanwhile, CTRP net profit also decreased 7% from the previous year Rp422 M to Rp394 M. CTRP announced Rp 35.760.981.000, – as dividends to shareholders, which will be paid on July 28, 2015 , Note consolidated performance in 2014 recorded revenues CTRA Rp6,34 T, up 25% compared to the year 2013 by Rp5,08 T. “CTRA year increase in revenues in 2014 mainly came from the increase in residential sales from own CTRA and included contributions from the CTRS and revenue growth center commerce and offices of CTRP are consolidated into the financial statements CTRA, “said Tulus Santoso, as Director and Corporate Secretary CTRA. Along with the increase in revenue, net profit rose 36% to Rp1.32 T, from the previous year amounting to Rp977 M. During 2014 Ciputra Group has launched new projects which consists of four landed residential project, three high-rise projects and one project resort. The details of the new projects include: Landed Residential Project CitraGrand Senyiur Samarinda City, with an area of ​​400 ha development and was launched in May. Various CitraGarden Pontianak area of ​​27 ha, was launched in September. CitraLand Castle Attack, launched in November, with an area of ​​43 ha. CitraMaja Kingdom, has an area of ​​430 ha development, launched in November. High-rise project International Ciputra Jakarta launched in August. An area of ​​7.5 ha mega projects with a development plan consisting of 10 towers. In the first phase sold two apartment towers and one office tower. CitraLake Suites Jakarta, an area of ​​1.3 ha residential complex consisting of four apartment towers. Launched in September. Citra Towers Kemayoran Jakarta, has a development plan covering an area of ​​1.8 hectares and launched in November 2014. project Resort Rosewood Tanalot, is part of Ciputra Beach Resort is located in Tabanan, Bali. Developed on an area of ​​12 hectares of the total potential area that can cultivated area of ​​80 hectares, the project consists of 80 hotel suites, 27 hotel villas and 29 residential villas for sale. Additionally in 2014 CTRA also perform ground breaking Ciputra General Hospital hospital located in London and the opening 4 budget hotels in Cirebon, Semarang, Yogyakarta and Bandung. Target for 2015 In 2015, CTRA optimistic targeting marketing sales grew 27% to Rp10,96 T. This increase is supported by new projects to be launched, which consists of six residential projects, one each in Samarinda area of ​​58 ha (CitraGarden Hills), The poor area of ​​50 ha (CitraGarden City), Cullinan area of ​​82 ha (CitraLand), Lampung area of ​​35 ha (CitraLand) and Kendari 60 ha (CitraGrand). Additionally, it will be launched also projects high-rise that includes apartments Fatmawati with extensive development of 4.5 ha, a mixed-use project of 2 ha consisting of apartments, offices and hotels in Kemayoran, office tower in Ciputra International Jakarta as well as the office tower and SOHO in Ciputra World Surabaya. In addition, the project will also be developed villa 6 ha, which is part of Ciputra.

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