18 April 2018

More 1,500 Consumer Interested in New Cluster at Citra Maja Raya

More than 1,500 potential customers are interested in housing units built in the new cluster of Citra Maja Raya project, Bedugul and Uluwatu clusters. PT Ciputra Residence is optimistic to achieve total revenue of Rp210 billion from the sale of thousands of home footprint units in the two new clusters.

“The two new clusters are the second phase of development in Citra Maja Raya with total revenue of Rp210 billion,” said GM Marketing Ciputra Residence Yance Onggo some time ago.

According to him, Ciputra Group poured investment funds for the development of these two clusters amounting to Rp 140 billion. The investment fund covers the cost of infrastructure development and the construction of housing units, but does not include the cost of land investment. Until now, the construction process has started running and the handover of keys for the targeted subscribers can be realized within 18 months.

Yance ensures that infrastructure, especially roads along the cluster will be built with good quality. This is to prove that housing units built at a price below Rp 200 million can have a good level of infrastructure.

“The good infrastructure is expected to facilitate public access to the train station because the main infrastructure is so we dare to target that within 18 months the handover of the key has been done,” he said.

Yance explains further, of about 1300 units of homes on offer, there are 1553 potential customers who scramble to buy the home tread. He believes, home tread market will not be endless.

(Text: Boni Pramudya, Photo: Internal Documentation of Citra Maja)

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