11 December 2017

Candra Ciputra Received Two Awards

CEO Ciputra Group, Candra Ciputra, won two awards at once, they are “Marketeer Of The Year 2017” and “Top 5 Most Admired CEO 2017”. The “Marketeer of the Year 2017” event was held by MarkPlus on Thursday (7/12), while the “Top 5 Most Admired CEO 2017” event was held on Friday (8/12). Both events took place in Jakarta and were attended by various top management from various companies in Indonesia.

According to Muhammad Ihsan, the committee and Chief Editor of Warta Ekonomi, the assessment of these CEOs is done through online research method in five big cities, namely Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Makassar and Bandung. The goal is to get a profile that really proves to have experience and understanding in the industry where they work.

The selection of candidates in the CEO’s survey is done by recruiting the names of CEOs of respondents choice. The basis of the assessment criteria of this dream CEO is,

  • Leadership Image

Assessment is done by looking at the ability of the CEO in bringing change, employee welfare capabilities, as well as the ability of the perspective and vision for the development of the company’s business forward.

  • Professional Image

A CEO must be professional, capable of leading, and able to work hard. These three traits are considered to be an important part of assessing a person’s level of professionalism.

  • Personal Image

The image of a CEO in the eyes of others becomes a reflection of his personal qualities in leading the company. A CEO who has a good personality, competent in his field, as well as known to many, is a positive image of a CEO.

  • Performance Image

In addition to leadership, professionalism, and personal image, the most important thing to earn the title of CEO Ideaman is when he was able to show its quality performance. This can be proven through the achievements of successful companies carved CEO such as: ability in developing the company’s business, the ability to make the leading company in their field, as well as the ability to increase corporate profits.

  • Global Competitiveness Image

Respondents assessed the CEO’s ability to bring his company to compete in the global market, the innovations made, the development of domestic and overseas market share, as well as the cutting-edge business processes.

  • Social Image

Respondents assessed the CEO’s image in terms of social activities that his company undertook in its goal of improving the community and the environment.

On the other hand, Hermawan Kartajaya as Founder & Chairman MarkPlus Inc explained that “Marketeer Of The Year 2017” event was held as part of “The 12th Annual MarkPlus Conference 2018” event. It is explained that 2018 is a political year. So MarkPlus sees this as an unpredictable situation or unpredictable condition. The situation that was initially safe, comfortable, and peaceful could have turned bad. Similarly, the company is symbolized as a ship that sailed the ocean wide and calm. This tranquil oceans can at any time change completely into choppy even storms.

For that reason, this year’s MarkPlus Conference picks up the Navigating The Unpredictable theme. With the theme, marketers are expected to be able to navigate their companies in the middle of the ocean conditions are unpredictable.

(Text and Photo Credit by Boni Pramudya)

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