29 May 2015

Ciputra Groups Sign Top Ten Developers Version BCI Asia Awards 2015

Ciputra Group included in the prestigious list of “Top Ten Developers 2015” version of the BCI Asia Awards held at the Fairmont Hotel, tonight (26/5). The award is given directly by BCI Media Group CFO Peter Rolshoven to Fadjar Halim of the Ciputra Group. Ciputra groups deemed worthy of this award because it has made a positive contribution in the world of property Indonesia, said Country Manager of BCI Asia Indonesia Agus Dinar. In his speech, Rolshoven emphasize how to build – activity into daily architects and construction businesses – are not just simply create magnificent buildings towering nan, but also gives meaning to life around. “What’s a magnificent building, but did not pay attention to life around,” he said. This message was given in an attempt to invite all stakeholders in the world of construction and architecture to reduce the inequality of wealth in the world community, as it is said Rolshoven: “do the virtuous and the work that we enjoy in serving the benefit of the people”. The event was attended by numerous invitees from architects, property developers, consultants and so on. BCI Asia Awards 2015 emphasizes concern for the marginalized this time and at the same time give an appreciation of the leaders in the field of architecture and construction.

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