21 December 2017

Ciputra Hospital CitraGarden City Celebrated Its 2nd Anniversary

Ciputra Hospital CitraGarden City Jakarta celebrated its 2nd Anniversary, where the peak celebration took place on Saturday (16/12). Until now, Ciputra Hospital CitraGarden City Jakarta committed to continuously improve the quality of service for the community, especially those who located around CitraGarden City Jakarta complex.

According to Ciputra Healthcare Director Veimeirawaty Kusnady, during the Press Conference, young age does not become an obstacle to benefit the people around him, as does Ciputra Hospital Citra Garden City (CHCGC) present to answer the needs community to good and professional health services. At the time of its establishment in 2015, CHCGC brings value and spirit to build life, in accordance with the vision and mission that has been declared from the beginning.

According to him, the founders of the Ciputra Group have always said corporations have a very noble philosophy of “building cities and building lives”. Not just to build a property or commercial area, but how the Group Ciputra present and meet all the needs, not least with health services.

“All needs are met easily, where previously schools, recreational parks, the average in our housing already exists. However, it seems there are still less, where finally we also build hospitals and clinics, of course with the scale of existing housing. This is our second hospital already two years old. We do plan like that, combine the needs of each housing. Some are in need of clinics, we will build a clinic, if indeed the needs of the hospital, we will build a hospital, “said Veimeirawaty.

On the other hand, Director of Ciputra Hospital Hospital dr. G.A Kusmiati, MARS, said the CHCGC wants to be built with One Stop Medical Service service. When people need health services, then when people come to CHCGC already served their health needs.

“For polyclinic services we already have 60 doctors consisting of full time doctors and part time. Our clinic is complete, which has been able to serve from basic diseases, be it child services, internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and other polyclinics. Then for sub specialists, as per standart we already have sub specialists, there is surgical digesty, oral surgery, which will continue to be supplemented by other sub specialists. We also have kidney and hypertension services because we already have himodialysis, “he explained.

As a Type B Hospital, CHCGC not only complements the services of qualified health equipment, but the presence of reliable Human Resources (HR) is also a concern.

“Adjust the standard by preparing its human resources, which for type B is not only the needs of health equipment, but what about the human resources must be met. Plus in the near future we will also have an endocrine specialist for diabetes, “he added.

Featured Services

As a fairly complete hospital in terms of service, of course CHCGC has excellent services tailored to the ability of human resources and health equipment as a supporter of health services.

“From the point of service we already have everything, including later piston surgery because our excellent service is cardio center. Many people ask why the new hospital stand already has a cardio center. In essence, we must provide the best service for the community around. We chose cardio center because the disease is playing with time. The more quickly dealt with, the higher the probability of improvement. If the heart muscle quickly recovered then the heart function will be maintained normally, “explained Kusmiati.

Currently CHCGC in addition to having human resources and complete modern health equipment, also equipped with 95 beds from a total of 236 for full capacity. “Of course we will add as needed, where at the beginning of this hospital to operate, starting with 77 beds. But seeing the development now, people are starting to arrive, we will continue to add, “he explained.

Kusmiati, adding two years of operation of CHCGC, has obtained the Accreditation Certificate of Plenary which is the highest predicate of the Hospital Accreditation Commission, which he acknowledged thanks to the support and trust of the community.

“We hope, with medical equipment that follows the development of technology and supported by specialist doctors, general practitioners, professional and competent medical and medical support teams, our presence can be a solution for the surrounding community and the broader scope that needs health services,” he concluded.

Right now, CHCGC facilities have been developed with excellent services, such as Cardiac Center, M / F, diagnostic and therapeutic services supported by modern facilities using comprehensive radiological examination of MSCT Cardiac 128 slices, CT Scan Angiography, and Cardiac Catheterization. There is also a Neurology and Neurosurgery Center service that is a neural health service for the treatment of neurological disorders, dignosis, and management of neurological diseases. Plus the services of Women and Children Center is also available in order to maintain a healthy body and reproductive system early. This service is available specifically for women (obsteric and gynecology), beauty, slimming assisted by specialist media specialists in their fields.

(Text and Photo: Erlan Kallo, Editor: Boni Pramudya)

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