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18 January 2018

Ciputra Mall Build Library in Two Schools at Papua

Mal Ciputra Jakarta inaugurated two libraries in two elementary schools in Papua. The program, packaged under the name ‘A Gift To Give’, works with Taman Bacaan Pelangi and SD Kalam Kudus.

“A Gift To Give is a sharing action that invites everyone to raise funds for the construction of children’s libraries and provide quality children’s story books in eastern Indonesia,” said the Director of Mal Ciputra Jakarta, Agus Aryanto, some time ago.

The library was built with funds collected from the social program amounting to Rp 159,557,000. The two libraries that were inaugurated on August 30, 2017 were in SD YPK Kanda and SD Inpres located in Sentani, Papua. Agus Aryanto, accompanied by Silvia as Marketing Manager Mal Ciputra Jakarta, attended the inauguration ceremony of the library. The presence of the library is expected to increase interest in reading, increasing scientific insight, so that later can create the children of the next generation who boast of Papua for the advancement of Indonesia in the future.

(Text by Boni Pramudya, summarized from source and Photo taken from source:

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