25 January 2018

CTRA Wins “100 Fastest Growing Company Awards”

In the midst of economic downturn, micro pessimism and disruption phenomenon, PT Ciputra Development Tbk is still able to show business performance positively, making it into the category of 100 non-financial and non-state-owned publicly listed companies that have grown positively in the last five years. This achievement has earned CTRA the award of “Infobank Magazine’s 100 Fastest Growing Company Awards”.

The award was given by Infobank Research Bureau Director Eko B Supriyanto to Senior Director of PT Ciputra Development Tbk Tulus Santoso, Thursday (25/1), at Indonesia Stock Exchange, Jakarta. The event that has been held up to two times was also attended by top management of companies from various industrial sectors listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

Based on data from Infobank, 100 listed companies are divided into eight categories, namely agriculture sector, mining sector, basic industry and chemical sector, miscellaneous industry sector, consumer goods industry sector, property sector, real estate and building construction, infrastructure and transportation sector, as well as the trade and investment services sector.

“Succeeding to grow by making positive profits amid the pressure of economic downturn, micro pessimism, and disruption is a feat worthy of appreciation,” Eko said.

Eko added the success of 100 issuers to keep growing in the last five years can not be separated from the success of management in performing internal and external transformation. They continue to innovate by changing the way of selling and abandoning old ways, bringing new products, and targeting new clients.

Before the awards ceremony was held, the committee also held a National Seminar with the theme “Challenges and Strategies Facing Disruption and Political Year”. Tulus Santoso who also became one of the speakers at the seminar said that PT Ciputra Development Tbk continues to make transformation, innovation, and adjustment of market segmentation.

“Adjustment of market segmentation we do because the character of consumers also change, inevitably, we have to change as well.For example, during 2017 Ciputra Development launched about four new projects In the new project, we make property products with prices below Rp 1 billion because of this price range that is currently the most popular market, “he said.

Infobank Research Bureau also recommends four approaches that can be done by the issuer in order to survive, sustain, and growth. First, companies must share, cooperate or come to terms with technology.

Second, companies should start using analytic data. With this analytic data, the company’s future plans are more clearly the targets to be achieved and its achievement strategy.

Third, the company must focus on customer. Companies must always think what is currently required by the customer, not forcing the customer to understand the products we make.

Fourth, companies must use digital data for communication and branding value. The era of social media (medsos) must be fully utilized for effective and efficient communication networks.

(Text and Photo by Boni Pramudya)

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