17 November 2016

Founder’s Day Ciputra Group Digs IPE Values

Today (17/11) Ciputra Group celebrates its 34th anniversary by holding Founder’s Day entitled IPE is our sustainable winning value at Ciputra World I, Jakarta. Present at the event that day Mr Ir. Ciputra, Mrs. Dian Sumeler, Mrs. Rina Ciputra, Mr. Candra Ciputra, and employees of Ciputra Group. Entering the age of 34, Ciputra Group continues to adhere to the concept of IPE, which stands for Integrity, Professionalism, and Entrepreneurship, which makes it a company in a state of peace and prosperity and one of the largest in Indonesia. “IPE is implemented in all companies belonging to Ciputra Group and other social bodies Integrity involves individual honesty, professional work with high discipline, and entrepreneurship spirit with high innovation and courage to make decisions The company I started since I was 50 years old Can be big because of IPE, “explained Ciputra. In the uncertain economic conditions in Indonesia as it is today, Ciputra Group continues to work smartly and become a successful and successful cross-country property company. (Fb)

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