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28 August 2018

Four Awards for Ir Ciputra on His 87th Birthday

Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra, founder of several companies in Indonesia starting from Jaya Group, Metropolitan Group, and Ciputra Group, celebrated its 87th Anniversary. The celebration was held solemnly and simply at Dian Ballroom, Raffles Hotel Jakarta, attended by all family members, business partners, and company management. The celebration this year was also more special because Mr. Ciputra was awarded two international awards, namely the Brand Life Hall of Fame – the Lifetime Achievement Brand Icon Leadership Award and The Brand Life Book of World Records. In addition to two international awards, Mr. Ciputra was also awarded two national awards namely the Property and Empu Industry Industry, Artpreneurship, from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI).

“Prayer and gratitude I endlessly pray to God for all the gifts given to me, my family and company because everything can work well. In the 87th period which resulted in young prices again, I still had dreams, hopes, and strong determination to create more of this beloved family, community and nation, “said Mr. Ciputra.

Mr. Ciputra also conveyed several ways how he would maintain his daily health. According to Mr. Ciputra, the principle to maintain health is 5 D namely Prayer to God, Doctor who is expert, Life discipline, Regular diet, and last is Fund or money. He further explained that prayer is a form of gratitude and hope to God. If God wants someone to do long, then it happens clearly.

An expert doctor is also needed so that someone can know correctly about his health condition. Then about the third principle, namely Life Discipline, Mr. Ciputra explained the importance of discipline in life because disciplinary lifestyles correlate with the level of health, for example the discipline of exercise. Mr. Ciputra also always applies a regular diet, especially about food. Then the last principle, namely funds or money, he gave that money for everything, but money was also needed to support a healthy lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the celebration of the 87th Anniversary was enlivened by the awarding of two international awards, namely the Brand Life Hall of Fame – the Lifetime Achievement Brand Icon Leadership Award and the Brand Life Book of World Records. The award was given by an international organization The Asia Pacific Brand Foundation and received directly by Mr. Ciputra.

According to Chew Bee Peng, CEO of The Asia Pacific Brand Foundation, giving awards to Mr. Ciputra has produced various kinds of independent goods. Related indicators that are used to build and build brands that build in the economy and social, and positive dissemination in building the community.

Since its establishment in 2005, The Asia Pacific Brand Foundation has awarded awards to world leaders who have backgrounds as entrepreneurs, statesmen, writers, social activists, sports athletes and others. People who have been awarded with awards include Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba), Mark Zuckerberg (Found Facebook), Nelson Mandela (former President of South Africa), JK Rowling (author), Jeff Bezoz (Amazon Store), Sir Alex Fergusson (football coach) , Lee Kuan Yew (former Prime Minister of Singapore), and other figures.

(Text by Boni Pramudya, Photo by Devina Wijaya)

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