15 May 2018

High Demand, CitraLake Suites Management Prepares Third Tower

CitraLake Suites managed to sell 80 percent of the total 220 apartment units in two towers that are currently being marketed. Since the demand for apartment units is still high, the management of CitraLake Suites in the year will prepare a third tower.

According to Alfie Louis, Marketing Manager of CitraLake Suites, his party has just held “Garden Party” event, last week. At the event, the developers released a special promo with 60 times the installment with no down payment and no interest. Installment KPA (apartment ownership credit) starts from Rp2, 5 million per month in the first year. How to pay is much in demand by consumers, especially investors.

Until April 30, 2018, Alfie said, two towers have sold about 80% of the total 220 units. Urban resort concept apartment is an apartment in the middle of a lake of 6 hectares, which will be built 4 towers with a total of 527 units. He is optimistic that the 2 towers that are being marketed will be sold out in the second half of 2018, and following the launch of the third tower. There are three variants of the product offered: 1 bedroom type (48,69 m2) for Rp1,2 billion, 2 bedroom (76,71) Rp1,9 billion and 3 bedroom (94,47 m2) Rp2,5 billion per unit, before taxes.

Stay optimistic

Ardy Surya Pranoto Deputy General Manager of CitraLake Suites is optimistic that the moment of election and presidential election will be the best time for consumers to buy property, especially in CitraLake Suites. The reason is that the selling price did not increase significantly, the relatively low loan interest rate and the ease of housing financing by the banks. Positive factors are used by middle-class consumers, especially end-users to make purchases this year.

“In 2018, CitraLake Suites price increase has not increased significantly yet. We hope to book a 10% transaction growth. Moreover, the construction of 2 towers that have been completed and is in the process of handover, “he said.

According to him, the price of apartment units CitraLake Suites, in 2017 still grew 5% compared with the previous year. While the realization of transactions rose by about 5%. Under these conditions, buyers of apartments, especially end users are more willing to buy ready-made apartments.

(Text Boni Pramudya, extracted from internet sources: www.bisnis.com and www.tribunnews.com)

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