19 January 2018

Indonesian Student Association in Australia Visited Ciputra Group

The Indonesian Student Association in Australia (PPIA) in cooperation with Kalibrr, a company engaged in information information portal, organized a visit to several companies in Indonesia, one of them to Ciputra Group, on Tuesday (9/1) yesterday. This activity aims to deepen their knowledge about the ins and outs of the world of work in Indonesia, especially Ciputra Group as one company that is considered successful to go international.

The group of 22 students is accepted by Business Development Manager of PT Ciputra Development Tbk Cipta Harun, HRD Manager Hongky Zein, and a number of staff from Ciputra Group. The students held a one and a half hour discussion session on the 39th floor of DBS Tower, Ciputra World 1 Jakarta. After conducting a discussion session, the students were also given the opportunity to go around the employee’s work space as well as see the model mock-project Ciputra Group.

To the students, Cipta Harun explains about the culture, values, and corporate philosophy that are upheld in Ciputra Group. According to him, the values ​​of Integrity, Professionalism, and Entrepreneurship (IPE) have brought Ciputra Group as one of the leading developer companies in Indonesia, with a total of 130 projects, including overseas projects such as China, Vietnam and Cambodia .

“Ciputra Group is now continuously striving and contributing to advancing Indonesia, through improving the quality of life through the property sector. One of our dreams is to realize the expectations of every citizen who wants to have a dwelling. Every citizen has the same opportunity to have a dwelling that is supported by quality environmental aspects, “said Cipta.

Ray Franklin Dixon, PPIA President of the University of Melbourne, expressed his deep impression on this visit to the Ciputra Group. He personally claimed to have a high interest in the property industry, so that the event could give him a direct insight into how a property company can run.

“Moreover, Ciputra Group has a big name in the Indonesian property industry. I personally really salute to see Ciputra Group can survive, even growing for more than 30 years, “he said.

(Text : Boni Pramudya, Credit Photo : Hongky Zein)

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