28 March 2018

Ir Ciputra Received “A Lifetime Recognition for Best Developer” by CIMB Niaga

Bank CIMB Niaga bestowed the “A Lifetime Recognition for Best Developer” award to the founding fathers of Ciputra Group, Dr (HC) Ir Ciputra, Monday (26/3). This award is given by regarding his role as a prominent figure in developing Indonesia’s property industry, as well as to appreciate his passion in inspiring property industry actors in Indonesia.

The award was given directly by CIMB Niaga President Director Tigor M. Siahaan, to Mr. Ciputra. The award ceremony was attended by Ciputra Group’s management including Dian Sumeler (Ciputra Group Commissioner), Harun Hajadi (Managing Director of Ciputra Group), Tulus Santoso (Senior Director of Ciputra Group), Nanik J Santoso (Senior Director of Ciputra Group), Iskandar Witjaksono Director of Ciputra Group), Hartinah (Associate Director of Ciputra Group), and Cipta Ciputra Harun (Business Development Ciputra Group).

In his speech, Mr. Ciputra expressed his appreciation and gratitude to Bank CIMB Niaga for the award given. He then said that the award was especially dedicated to his beloved wife, Ms. Dian Sumeler.

“I dedicate this award to my beloved wife who always faithful to accompany me in this journey of life,” said Mr. Ciputra while handing over the flowers at once kissed the forehead of Mrs. Dian.

Pak Ci also said that property is one business sector that never dies. In human life, property is always needed because it becomes one of the primary needs that must be met.

“To be successful in the property business, it takes a number of important requirements of Integrity, Professionalism, and Entrepreneurship. This is what I apply in the scope of Ciputra Group and all its business units. As a result, Ciputra Group becomes a credible company, trusted by customers, and always has innovations in running its business, “he said.

Valuable partners
Tigor M Siahaan in his speech expressed his gratitude to all valuable partners of CIMB Niaga. CIMB Niaga is proud to collaborate to provide various solutions and facilities for the community in realizing the dream home.

“Hopefully good cooperation so far can continue to be established and increasingly in the future,” he said.

Tigor realized that the support and good cooperation of business partners helped to encourage KPR CIMB Niaga to achieve double-digit growth last year. Therefore, as an appreciation, CIMB Niaga rewards developers, property agents, and referral club members.

The “Best Developer” category consisting of “Best Outstanding Contribution 2017” was awarded to Sinarmas Land; “Best Innovation in Housing Project 2017” to Ciputra; “Best Growth Volume 2017” was given to Pakuwon; “Best Referral Contribution 2017” to Jaya Property Group; and “Best Innovation High Rise Residential 2017” to Lippo.

The next category is “Best Property Agent by Brand” consisting of “Best Volume Contribution Property Agent By Brand 2017” to Ray White Indonesia, “Best Referral Contribution Property Agent By Brand 2017” to Era Indonesia, and “Best Growth Property Agent by Brand 2017 “to Century 21 Indonesia.

This award is expected to further motivate CIMB Niaga’s property business partners to achieve greater performance in the future. This year, CIMB Niaga offers a variety of mortgage products and light interest programs to help people have a dream home, among them, KPR Xtra Benefits that can provide 0% interest, KPR Smart Rate, and Multipurpose KPR.

In the KPR Syariah segment, the company offers KPR iB and iB Flexi. KPR iB provides benefits in the form of financing based on sharia principles with murabahah (sale and purchase), competitive margin and fixed during the term of financing. The KPR iB Flexi is a KPR with the principle of joint ownership using musyarakah mutanaqisah (MMQ) with advance payment starting from 15% and installment is more flexible.

In the midst of an increasingly challenging property industry, Tigor remains optimistic that the property industry will continue to grow and attract people.

“CIMB Niaga is targeting higher mortgage growth this year compared to last year, with reference to economic and property market conditions throughout the year,” Tigor said.

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