Investor Relations

Our excellence in providing a better living for communities positions us to produce continued growth and long-term value creation for our shareholders

Ciputra Corporate Culture

Integrity – Behaving entirely in accordance to moral and ethics

Professionalism – Having competence and responsibility in providing the best result

Entrepreneurship – Conducting business in innovative and sustainable manner

Ciputra Mission

To be in the forefront in the property sector by being the most trusted, professional, and profitable company, thereby becoming the first choice for consumers, a challenging yet rewarding workplace for employees, the best investment for shareholders, and a real blessing for the community and country.

Ciputra Vision

To develop a property business group that strives on excellence and innovation to provide a better life for the community as well as bringing welfare and prosperity for the stakeholders.

Our Business

Founded on October 22, 1981 by Dr. (HC) Ir. Ciputra under the name of PT Citra Habitat Indonesia, PT Ciputra Development Tbk is now one of the leading and most diversified property companies in Indonesia.

As of now, the Company has developed more than 76 projects, ranging from residential, apartments, offices, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, to golf courses, spread across 33 cities throughout Indonesia.

With its vast portfolio and landholdings, the Company has gained the trust of wider community for more than three decades and become a leading property company in Indonesia.

Ir Ciputra Launches Biography Book at Founders Day Ciputra Group 36th

Ciputra Group with a portfolio of 91 residential projects and 39 commercial and social projects, today celebrates its 36th anniversary of the corporation and the footprint of its work in the Founders Day 2017 event.

Ciputra Group is the largest pioneer and property developer in Indonesia focusing on integrated, large-scale development projects including residential, commercial business buildings, recreational centers, hotels, shopping centers and other multipurpose facilities. Furthermore, Ciputra Group has diversified its business and is involved in other sectors such as sports and recreation, media, telecommunications, health and education.

The company, which was built in 1981, is now transformed into a global company supported by at least 100 property subsidiaries and has worked in 43 cities both domestically and internationally, including Vietnam, Cambodia, India and China.

Ciputra Group President Director Candra Ciputra asserted, “At more than three decades old, Ciputra Group continues to commit itself to being the most active and innovative company with responsibility for improving the quality of life of stakeholders and for creating a sustainable impact for Indonesia.” therefore, the well-preserved vision is raised in today’s celebration entitled “Sustainable Innovation”.

The success of Ciputra Group can not be separated from the inspirational figure of its founder, Dr. Hc. Ir. Ciputra. Utilizing initial capital of Rp 10 million, Ciputra successfully expand its business with total assets reach Rp 5 trillion. Ciputra figures inspired Alberthine Endah to write Ciputra’s first biography book “The Passion of My Life” which was also launched on this occasion.

The book “The Passion of My Life” is a story to inspire and motivate that we all have the right to create the most beautiful dreams, innovate and work hard to achieve.

This 600-page book is the result of a deep reflection of Ciputra’s father’s life at the age of 86. This book tells the journey of a Ciputra born from a simple family who with his passion and hard work managed to become one of the successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia. “Through this book, I would like to present the figure of Ciputra not only as a great entrepreneur and philanthropic figure of the country, but also as a persistent person and willingly suffer for the sake of the passion he strives to realize. The reader can certainly emulate the work ethic and attitude of this life, “explained Alberthine Endah.

Related to his biography Ir. Ciputra said that the book is one of the forms of inheritance that he left not only for posterity, but for all Indonesian people, especially the younger generation of the nation. “I hope this book can remind young people to have integrity, professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit. These values ​​are also the foundation of Ciputra Group. I believe by living these values ​​consistently, success can be achieved “, he said.

Ciputra is also a big supporter for the rise of the wave of entrepreneurship in Indonesia said, “Sustainable innovation is the key to the success of development, and the younger generation is the driving force. Entrepreneurship can be a solution to social problems related to corruption and unemployment because it has the opportunity to create jobs. “

Ciputra Group is one of the most active companies in encouraging entrepreneurship programs in Indonesia. Cautiously Ciputra saw that Indonesia still needs so many entrepreneurs to spur economic growth as well as to improve the nation’s competitiveness.

Recently, Ciputra Group, through the Ciputra Entrepreneurship Foundation, has worked with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to provide entrepreneurship training for social forestry supporters and communities targeted to reach 12.7 million ha.

The Founders Day 2017 event also features educational and business seminars, as well as a moment of appreciation to employees with a working life of 15 to 30 years. The event was also attended by important figures in the country such as the 5th President of the Republic of Indonesia, Megawati Soekarnoputri; Minister of Environment and Forestry, Siti Nurbaya Bakar; Governor of Bank Indonesia, Agus Martowardjojo; as well as economist and politician, Faisal Basri.

On this occasion, Ciputra symbolically gave the book “The Passion of My Life” to Megawati Soekarnoputri; dean of a number of universities belonging to Ciputra Group; representatives of Ciputra Group entrepreneurship graduates who have successfully run their business; as well as other public figures.