2 March 2020

Celebrating its 27th Anniversary, Ciputra Mall Jakarta Presents Vibrant Programs for Millennials

Ciputra Mall Jakarta entered its 27th year journey on Wednesday, February 26, 2020.

The anniversary of this shopping center that is located in West Jakarta was celebrated by a special performance from singer Shanti.

General Manager of Ciputra Mall Jakarta Ferry Irianto said the 27th anniversary celebration was marked by the presence of vibrant programs to follow the trend of the millennials.

“We continue to be committed in presenting the best program for our loyal visitors. This time, we would like to present a program that is fresh, young, and remain exist to follow the growing trend of millennials,” told Ferry during the Appreciation Night event in Ciputra Mall Jakarta, Wednesday, February 26.

Bringing the theme AMAZING 27, Ferry continued, Ciputra Mall aspired to pamper loyal visitors through the best programs and rewards such as Boba & Coffee Market, Shocking Rewards, The 6th Indonesia International Robot Show 2020 and the launch of lucky draw program called Find Your Luck Everyday.

“We also give rewards that come in the digital form through CL Club application. This proves that Ciputra Mall, currently at its 27th years, is still fresh, young, exist and innovative to facilitate and meet the needs of the visitors,” said Ferry.

Boba & Coffee Market

For those millennials who are Boba and Coffee enthusiast, they are welcomed to enjoy the vibrant foods and beverages that have become common favorites in Ciputra Mall Jakarta on February 26 to March 1, 2020.

The Boba & Coffee Market program can be enjoyed through the 17 stands of assorted Boba and Coffee such as Onezo, Hei Boba, Boba Pan, Hop Hop, Wan Cha, Astro Boba, Bobal, Kopi Kenangan, Kopi Tuya, Kopi Ming, Kopi Gen, and Dejamu.

In addition to beverages, there will be also stands offering ice cream with various toppings of boba and snacks, namely Cream Fiction, Dutch Kitchen, Papa Ben’s, Mr. Ollie, and Mochi Mochio.

“This Boba & Coffee Market is expected to be a solution for boba and coffee enthusiasts to be able to enjoy the best boba outlets in Jakarta without the needs for hassling around to get their preferred foods and beverages, instead it will provided only in one place in Ciputra Mall Jakarta,” said Ferry.

Shocking Rewards

Another interesting program is Shocking Rewards that takes place on February 26 to March 1, 2020.

This program includes giveaways of Free Eco Bag, Free F&B Vouchers, Free Shopping Vouchers worth Rp200,000 and Extra 27 Points.

The Free Eco Bag giveaway is intended for CL Club members who have spent Rp100,000 in any stores in Ciputra Mall Jakarta (no multiples applied).

Visitors have the chance to earn instant prizes Free Eco Bag to minimize the use of plastic bags.

The Free F&B Voucher Program is applicable for customers with minimum point of 27 points in their CL Club application.

The customers may redeem their 27 points for a Free F&B Voucher from the selection of 12 F&B tenants listed in My Voucher section.

The participating tenants are Starbucks, Bengawan Solo, Janji Jiwa, Share Tea, I Steak U, Imperial Kitchen, Raa Cha Suki, Platinum, Gokana, BMK, Shihlin, and KKuldak.

Meanwhile, the Free Shopping Voucher worth Rp200,000 is applicable for customers with minimum spending of Rp100,000. However, it will only be given to the 27th, 270th, or 2700th customers every day.

The Extra 27 Points will be awarded to customers who have spent Rp100,000 and having the same birthday as Ciputra Mall Jakarta, which is February 26. These customers will receive extra 27 points.

Indonesia International Robot Show 2020

Ciputra Mall Jakarta also presents the Indonesia International Robot Show on February 29 to March 1, 2020.

This prestigious event among robot enthusiasts is organized by One Robotic Education and brings both domestic and overseas participants.

Find Your Luck Everyday

Exclusively for CL Club Members, Ciputra Mall Jakarta offers Find Your Luck Everyday program.

The CL Club cardholders have a chance to win various prizes with the grand prize of Mazda CX-5 car and other prizes, such as Honda Beat motorbike, iPhone XI Pro and 3 bars of precious metals @ 10 gram.

This shopping program is held since March 1 to June 21, 2020 for CL Club members. Every purchases of minimum Rp100,000 or Rp500,000 in gadget/electronic/musical instruments tenants will be eligible for 1 draw number.

The draw will be held on June 23, 2020 in Center Court Ciputra Mall Jakarta, Lower Ground floor.

“The success of 27 years journey of Ciputra Mall Jakarta is undeniably cannot be separated from the support of media partners, tenants and loyal visitors,” said Ferry.

“On tonight’s ceremony, Ciputra Mall Jakarta invited the loyal customers from CL Club members, the tenants, the relations, the media partners and the directors of Ciputra Mall Jakarta to jointly express the gratitude on these abundant blessings,” he continued.

Source: wartakotalive.com

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