10 January 2020

CitraLand Driyorejo CBD to Launch Phase 2 of the Project in First Quarter

Property developer Ciputra Group plans to launch the second phase of CitraLand Driyorejo CBD – Gresik project in Q1 2020 with a sold out target until the end of the year.

General Manager of CitraLand Driyorejo CBD, Chollief Choerrasjaini said that this residential project offers a total of 658 units, consisting of 412 units of landed houses and land plots, and 246 units of shophouses.

“Among the planned units, 249 units have been sold out in the first phase, consisting of 163 units of houses and land plots, and 86 shophouses. In the near future, we will launch the second phase,” he said during the Media Update Project on Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

He told that as many as 80% of the buyers used the mortgage loan scheme, while the remaining were cash and in-house scheme.

According to him, the high number of purchases using mortgage was due to the easier process of buying houses from the banks that offered low interest rate, as well as the facilities of 15% down payment that can be paid in installments.

Since being launched in July 2019, the selling price of the houses in this new area has increased by up to 10%, with initial selling price back then was starting from Rp750 million for houses and Rp1.5 billion for shophouses.

“The buyers of the shophouses were mostly businessmen who sell basic housing needs goods and services, some tenants that have been committed to join in this area were Starbucks, supermarket, as well as lifestyle cafes,” told Chollief.

Marketing Manager of CitraLand Driyorejo CBD, Andreas Josua added, the area of CitraLand Driyorejo CBD is believed to have considerable market potential due to its infrastructure attraction point.

“This area is very close to the Driyorejo exit toll that it makes it easy for the residents to travel, and also the main road in front of the project will also be expanded to be 7-meter-wide by Gresik Regency Government so that it can be easily accessed,” he said.

Source: bisnis.com

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